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  •   Open transformers, rated power up to 900 kVA

  •    Transformers in case, rated power up to 600 kVA


Three-phase dry voltage open transformers  TYPE: TTS
Three-phase tranasformer in case with mechanical protection IP 23   TYPE: TTK - STANDARD
Three-phase dry voltage transformers in case  TYPE: TTK


    - Transformers for increase or reduction of voltage in plants where the voltage of the basic supply system does not correspond to the consumer rated voltage. They are made with separate windings as two-winding transformers or are designed au autotransformers.
    - Insulating transformers for metallic separation of electric circuits.
    - Protective transformers for reduction of the supply system voltage to extra-low voltage (24 V, 42 V) not dangerous for persons who might come in touch with live parts.
    - Transformers for signalling and control circuits.
    - On the purchaser's special request, the transformers are also designed in "V" connection.
    - Rectifier transformers.

 In addition to transformers of standard design, we make also transformers for tropical climate conditions, for use on board ship. Their winding is made of silicon wire of class "B" or "F". These transformers are intended for installation in properly ventilated rooms under deck. They can operate continuously under full load at an ambient temperature of 45 ?C.

 All above-mentioned transformers are usually manufactured for frequencies of 50 and 60 Hz. or up to 900 Hz.


    The tables comprise the ratings of transformers with separated windings at constant load in normal operating conditions at the frequency of 50 Hz, with one primary and one secondary winding.
    If conditions of operation differ from the above indicated, the rating changes, so another size of transformer should be chosen. For determination of the transformer size for abnormal conditions it is recommended to apply to our COMMERCIALLY OFFICE the members of which will give all necessary assistance.

    The rated secondary voltage indicated in the Purchaser's order is obtained at rated load and unit power factor if not otherwise agreed upon.
    The highest voltage for which transformers are designed amounts to 1200 V.

All transformers are made with the following degrees of mechanical protection according to IEC Recommendation:
  a) degree IP 00
  b) degree IP 23
  c) degree IP 54

  1. Single-phase or three-phase transformer; for three-phase the vector group (for instance DY5) and whether the required voltages are phase-to-phase or phase-to-neutral voltages;
  2. Rated output in VA or kVA;
  3. Condition of operation (for instance for tropical climate or on board ship) as well as class of insulation;
  4. Frequency;
  5. Kind of winding; metallically separated or autotransformer;
  6. Primary voltage: if the primary has several voltages or tapings, it is obligatory to indicate for which voltage and current each individual winding or tapping should be dimensioned;
  7. Secondary voltage: if the transformer has several secondary voltages, it is necessary to indicate whether the winding are to be separated or provided with tapings. If several separated windings are required, indicate the output of each winding. When transformer has several tapings, the winding is designed for the current corresponding to the highest voltage, if not otherwise specified.
  8. Kind of operation: continuous or intermittent duty.

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